22350 Quarry Road
Wellington, OH  44090



Open every day from 10 am to 7 pm

Welcome to Kurtz Christmas Trees!  We are a family owned and operated Christmas tree farm just outside of Wellington, and have been in business for 50 years.  We offer a variety of both freshly cut trees and cut your own trees.  We are open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 7 pm, starting on November 17th.   Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures, and please feel free to add pictures of your decorated tree or pictures of your trip to our farm!  KurtzChristmasTrees


We have a variety of both fresh pre-cut trees and cut your own trees up to 12' tall.  For you adventurous types, we have over 5 acres of trees that you and your family can wander around.  We have saws available, so all you have to do is go find the perfect tree, and cut it down.  We do recommend that you dress for the weather – it’s cold out there, and it can be a little muddy or snowy, depending on the weather.  We raise White Pines, Blue Spruce, and Canaan Firs (a sister tree to the fraser fir) on our farm.   

We also have a large selection of fresh cut trees available, including Fraser firs, Douglas Firs, Concolor Firs, and White Pine.  All of these trees are freshly cut and will hold their needles extremely well.


Our price list is below.  We have a minimum price on cut your own trees, regardless of height. These prices are $50 for a White Pine and $54 for a Blue Spruce or any kind of Fir tree.

2019 Price Chart - includes sales tax

Tree Type

6 Foot

7 Foot

8 Foot

9 Foot

10 Foot

Blue Spruce






Fraser Fir






Douglas Fir






White Pine






Canaan Fir






 Concolor Fir$54 $54 $59 $70 N/A
Jim Sr. with his prize winning tree at this year's State Fair in Columbus.
Jim Sr. with his prize-winning tree at last year's State Fair in Columbus.


Whether you buy a pre-cut or a cut your own tree, we will take care of the packaging.  We have a net style baler that we will run your tree through, and then we will put it in or on top of your vehicle and secure it so you won’t lose it on the way home! 


We make our wreaths right in our barn from fresh cut Fraser Fir boughs.  You can pick one of the several that we have already made, or if you want a larger one, we can custom make it for you.  We have wreaths in a variety of sizes, from the small, 10” diameter cemetery wreaths, all the way up to custom made 48” diameter wreaths.  The prices range from $10 up to $75.  A typical wreath for a door or window would cost between $17 and $30.



We make White Pine roping by hand here, and it is 60 cents per foot.  We keep as much of it available as we can, but it is a very slow process to make it.  We apologize if we don’t have any when you come to the farm, but if you request it early enough, we can make some for you and hold it until you come and pick it up.



We also sell tree stands, tree skirts, cemetery wreath stands and tree bags (for easier removal of your tree after Christmas).

How to find us: 

We are located on Quarry Road, ½ mile south of State Rt. 18, approximately 3 miles west of Wellington.  Wellington is the crossroads of State Rt. 18 and State Rt. 58, and is approximately 10 miles south of Oberlin.  Below are directions from some local cities: 

Cleveland – Take route 90/2 west to State Rt. 58 and turn south.  Take Rt. 58 south to Rt 18 in the middle of Wellington and turn west.  Take Rt. 18 west for approximately 3 miles to Quarry Road and turn South.  Go over the railroad tracks, and we are the first farm on the west side of the road. 

North Olmsted – Take route 480 west until Rt. 10 splits off – take 10 west (this is where 480 goes to the right to the Ohio Turnpike and Rt. 10 goes to the left).  Stay on Rt. 10 until it goes from a divided highway down to 2 lanes.   The first stoplight you come to is Rt. 58.  (From this intersection, you will see the new Walmart about half of a mile from the intersection.)  Take Rt 58 south to Rt. 18 (middle of Wellington) and turn west on Rt. 18.  Take 18 west approximately 3 miles to Quarry Rd and turn south.  We are the first house after the rail road tracks.

Norwalk and points west – Take State Route 18 east.  You will go through the small town of Clarksfield and pass State Route 511.  Quarry Road is approximately 3 miles east of the State Route 511 intersection.  You will see our signs on the corner of State Route 18 and Quarry road, and we are approximately one quarter of a mile south.

This is a link to Googlemaps.com – our address is 22350 Quarry Rd, Wellington, OH.



Which trees hold their needles the longest?  Fir trees, in general, hold their needles the best.  We sell Fraser Firs, Concolor Firs, and Douglas Firs.  However, if you take care of your tree you shouldn’t have any problems with any of our trees.  We typically put our personal Christmas tree up in our house a few weeks before Christmas, and we don’t usually take it down until after New Year’s Day, and we have never had any problems, regardless of what kind of tree we put up.


What is the best way to take care of the tree while I have it up?  For starters, right before you put the tree in the stand and take it inside, you should make a fresh cut across the base of the tree.  Shortly after a tree is cut down, the pine sap will harden and prevent the tree from being able to absorb water.  Cutting about an inch off of the bottom of the trunk will allow the tree to draw water, which keeps the needles from drying out.  Next, make sure you keep plenty of water in the tree stand.  If the bottom of the tree dries out, then the sap will harden again.  Don’t place your tree near a heater, wood stove, or a heating vent, as this will dry out the needles more quickly.


Should I put anything in the water?  This is one of our favorite conversations with customers.  We have heard just about everything – aspirin, sugar, vodka, and 7-Up, just to name a few.  Our recommendation has always been to just use plain old tap water – it’s the way we’ve been doing it for the last 40 years, and we’ve never had a problem with needles dropping.  But we’re always happy to hear any other suggestions!


Do you accept credit cards?  No, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not have a credit card machine.  Our business is just too seasonal, and it’s not worth it to have a machine for just the short period of time that we are open. 


Why don’t you have Fraser Fir or Douglas Fir on your farm to cut?  Fraser Firs simply will not grow well on our farm.  They tend to grow best where it is a little hilly and there isn’t any clay in the ground.  Our farm is very flat and there is a lot of clay in the ground.  We have tried growing them for several years, but we just haven’t had much success.  We have found, however, that Canaan Fir, which is a sister to the Fraser, seems to grow fairly well on the farm, and we have started growing them over the last several years.  We don’t grow Douglas Firs because there are problems growing Douglas Fir and Blue Spruce on the same farm, and of course we have been growing Blue Spruce for 50 years now.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to see you on the farm soon!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send us an e-mail, or call us.  We’d be happy to answer any of your questions.   Merry Christmas everybody!